I’m the February Athlete of the Month!

As you may remember, I have committed to Racing with the Clot Buster in 2013 by wearing my polka dot jersey.


Blood clots are the third leading cause of death in the United States. pulmonary embolisms (PE) kill more people per year then auto accidents! The accurate diagnosis of a PE is crucial. PE is also a leading cause of unexpected deaths in hospitalized patients; however, the diagnosis is missed more often than it is made.

I want to help bring awareness to this horrible injury so that others don’t have to experience what I have, which is why I am so excited and honored to have been named The Clot Buster Triathete’s February Athlete of the Month! Thank you, Roland!

A little secret? The only “Of the Month” thing I was nominated as growing up was “Student of the Month.” I would have never even been considered an athlete – so, this is extra special for me!

Be sure to check out the post, Roland’s blog (where you can order your own polka dots) and these links too:

  • What You Need to Know – Blood clots are a common medical condition and don’t have to be deadly or cause irreparable damage. Find out if you’re at risk.
  • Could YOU Have a Blood Clot? – Know the symptoms of blood clots and don’t delay in seeking medical assistance.

In the words of The Clot Buster…

“Get inspired and get out there. Blood clots cannot stop you!” And either can anything else!

Until the next mile marker,