Gone to Get Certified!

This is my version of an auto reply out of office message. “Words to Run By will return on Monday, March 25, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. If you have an emergency that needs immediate attention, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email, Facebook, Twitter or one of the other gazillion ways you can find me.”

Wow, it’s been a long time since I wrote one of those. It must have been for my first job college as a child welfare worker – my supervisor had me record an out of the office voice message and then changed my password so I couldn’t check my voicemails while I was on my Honeymoon (or I might have). I was pretty intense and had a hard time separating myself from that job. Now we know why I no longer work in that field.

Anyway…I‘ll be gone this weekend. Where you might ask?

To get my RRCA Coaching Certification in Dayton, Ohio! 


RRCA Coaching Registration Confirmation

I have been waiting for this course to come – well, anywhere even remotely near me – for the past couple of years. I love coaching and would like to learn more about running and how to be an effective, inspirational and knowledgeable coach. Having a coach I could trust, rely on and turn to for guidance and advice made such a difference in my running experience (Thank you, Duane) that I want to pass that on to other runners – particularly those who may be starting a training program for the first time or starting over after devastating illness or injury.

The RRCA Coaching Certification course is designed to provide a baseline of education and training for individuals seeking to become an RRCA Certified Coach.  The RRCA Coaching Certification Course emphasizes how to be a successful coach, whether coaching individuals, small groups, or large group training programs such as 5K, half marathon, or marathon training programs.  The certification course focuses on issues specific to road running and racing for adults at all ability levels.

The course curriculum includes 16 hours of lecture, group work, and interactive exercises, including working in teams to build training programs for novice and experienced runners. The two-day certification course is an in-person course followed by a 100-question online exam that will provide immediate results.

RRCA Certified coaches volunteer with their local RRCA member running clubs, coach clients one-on-one, and coach training programs for groups of individuals working towards a common goal.  RRCA Certified Coaches will work with runners and emphasize the use of intelligent training plans that are based on a scientific body of knowledge and designed to help a runner achieve their goals, while minimizing the risks of overuse and over-training injuries. -www.rrca.org

I’m excited because in the 45 minutes it took me to make up my mind if this was the right time to sign up or not (I don’t feel like a runner or run very much right now), the class went from 14 open spots to just 2. I freaked, jumped on it and registered – now or never?!

What about you? Are you an RRCA Certified Coach? Did you find the program useful or helpful? Do you offer Coaching services through your website or in person? Do you have a Coach who has inspired or helped you?

Until the next mile marker,