Why You Need Blog School by Blog Genie

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Are you new to blogging or thinking of creating a blog, but don’t know where to start? Do you have a great idea, but aren’t sure how to go about putting it out there for others to see? The internet, especially the blogging realm, is a vast place filled with volumes of information that can be overwhelming to sift through just to find simple information and how-to’s. Why not start off on the right foot?

Or, have you been blogging for awhile now, but you need a change? Are you ready to improve your site either by growing traffic, improve your design, mastering social media, creating a profit stream or work with influential brands? Finding information to help you take your blog from big to bigger can be a challenge, especially when you know you’re on the verge of something better, but you just can’t seem to connect all the pieces to make it happen. Why wait a second longer to reach your blogging and maybe even entrepreneurial goals?

If either of these sounds like you, what I am about to share with you will change your life (I’m not kidding, either, because blogging as we know, can really do that).

Blog School by Blog Genie changed has not only changed the way I blog for the better by giving me invaluable tools, resources and ideas to help me succeed; it has also changed my life outside of blogging by helping me become more organized (and, yes, I thought I was organized before), more focused (that’s really harder to narrow down than you think) and more driven (now with a concrete plan in place) to reach my goals than I ever was before.


What is Blog School?

An online course created by Blog Genie, Blog School is designed to give you a roadmap to help you turn your passion and love of connecting with others into a successful blog [More about Blog School here].

What is Blog Genie?

Blog Genie is run by Rita Barry and she has been working with female healthy living bloggers and fitness professionals since 2009 to help them design and rock their online presence by turning their passions into something more [More about Rita here]. She designed both Words to Run By and Blood Clot Recovery Network and – as my real-life blogging role model – has helped me realize my blogging dreams. If you aren’t connected yet, head on over and subscribe to get in on some free blogging resources, materials, regular tips and blogging insight that you didn’t even know you couldn’t live without.

What do you get?

As a part of Blog School you will receive six core learning modules comprised of a lesson, homework (be prepared to work!) and additional resources. The modules include Foundations, Blog Design, Content, Growth and Traffic, Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) and Media, Money and Income Streams.


Plus you will get Membership to Blog School’s Private Facebook Group, Blogging Productivity Five Minute WordPress Set  and WordPress How To Videos. Access to the courses are for life you can log-in login 24/7 as well as take them with you since they are digital.

So, why do you need Blog School by Blog Genie?

Last year, I was the grateful recipient of the Blog School by Blog Genie Scholarship and I was ecstatic to be taking the course. I have a big plans for the future and Blog School has first, helped me discover the direction I need to be going and second, given me the tools to get there! There are so many helpful things I learned about productivity, design, traffic, building/finding a target audience, writing worthwhile content and keeping the blogging momentum going. Blog School is a lot of work (I’m not quite done yet!), but if you really take your time and focus on the modules as they are released and do the assignments, you will get a lot out of this course. It’s helped me in blogging and helped me to organize my online presence (and life) to move in the direction of starting my own coaching business.

Where can you find more information?

You can find more information about Blog School here.

The one thing you need to do now

Enroll in the free, 3 part training series Blog School’s Traffic Road Map now. It runs from March 24 – 28, 2014 (delivered on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of that week right to your inbox) and will give you an idea of how awesome Blog School will be. You can enroll in this 3 part series without obligation to join Blog School so there is nothing to lose! Also by signing up you’ll be the first to know when Blog School is open for enrollment.


Dates to remember
  • Sign up today to be a part of the 3 part training course!
  • Blog School opens for enrollment March 31 and closes April 6, 2014 (sign up here to stay informed about the release)
  • The six core learning modules of the Blog School curriculum will be released monthly starting April 7, 2014
You also need to know

I am an affiliate for Blog School, yes, but I am only telling you about this course because I believe in it and it’s power to make a positive impact in your blogging world. It is a significant amount of money to spend ($345 for the basic course and $595 for the intensive course, which comes with with 6 months individual coaching) and I more than anyone understands that not everyone can spend such a large sum of money. I do, however, believe this course and the knowledge gained is worth every cent of that cost and knowing what I do now, I would not hesitate to spend that money on Blog School. Consider it an investment in your future, seriously.

I hope you consider enrolling in Blog School this Spring. Whether you’re just starting out or an old pro, it will be the best blogging decision you have made in a long time.

Until the next mile marker,

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iThe iGreat iPhone iCrisis iOf i2012

Normally, I don’ have time to be on my iPhone all day, but since I’m not working, I’ve been using it a lot – especially when I am not home. I don’t have the iPhone 5, but I like liked the iPhone I do have. It is was good for things on the go – like blogging and social media and emailing. For me, it has been like a home office to go. And it fits in the palm of your hand. You can literally carry your phone and everything you need, especially if you have a case like the one I am giving away.

So when my iPhone decided to blow up stop working lose everything freeze up and never unfreeze have an issue today I was not happy. At all. I was even more unhappy when I went to the ends of the Earth to find the information Apple needed to find out what was wrong with it (serial number-pass key-all while screaming through that useless Google phone thing in Gmail-yes I know I could find an Apple Store) and Apple told me it was my anti-virus software that clearly “messed it all up.” Really? REALLY?!

If nothing else, I have been reminded to keep things in perspective-

These two got a lot of hugging today-

Speaking of which, all of my photos are gone too. Everything from the last four months, which I don’t understand since I backed everything up to iTunes on a nightly basis when I charged my phone.

Good thing I can’t figure out WordPress right now either. My life has apparently become a technological nightmare.

Speaking of nightmares (bad luck comes in sets of three’s right and when you reach three, you’re done forever, right?)-


As of last week, I no longer work as a 9-1-1 Dispatcher. It’s sad (at least, I am sad), discouraging and hopefully what was truly meant to be.

So, while I am looking for full-time employment that offers decent pay and benefits, I’m working on something I’ve always wanted to have – a freelance writing career (help me decide on a business card here). Since most job searching is done online these days, I have a lot of time to blog and “wonder if my iPhone has the latest upgrade it possibly could.” It is this type of thinking that clearly created my Great iPhone Crisis of 2012!

What about you- Do you rely on your phone? Is it for fun, business or both? How do you back up your stuff (apps, music, pictures, etc)? What would you do if faced with a phone crisis?

Until the next mile marker,

All In A Day’s Blog: What’s Your Opinion?

The work of a Blogger is never done, right? Most of us could spend all day and night (and maybe we even have) blogging. Between brainstorming and posting; reading and commenting (which I am really behind on); and marketing and facebooking and tweeting and instagraming – there is always something that needs to be done.

Today, I met up with Rebecca of Pretty Little Celiac at Barnes and Noble and we definitely got a lot accomplished. For the two of us, we had a lot of blogging stuff

I mean, I was pretty serious (clearly)-

Either that or my computer just wasn’t working…

Rebecca was working had too-

I found it very refreshing to get out of the house and work somewhere else. Do you ever do that? Do you work better at home or somewhere else?

As I said, I did get a lot accomplished today, including design a new business card, which is where your opinions come in. Since I decided to really work on my Freelancing career, here is what I came up with-

Option 1 – minted


My Thoughts: I like the simplicity of this design, and I really like my name scripted. It is unique and appeals to the “traditional” business card design. And, it kind of matches my blog signature too!

Option 2- tinyprints



My Thoughts: I love that this card is bold and it makes an impact. I like the “non-traditional” size too, but am not sure if others would.

The problem is, I’m torn! I like both designs. They are similar in cost too, so I am not really worried about that. I’m also not ordering them right now so I have some time to think about it. I still have some old cards I am trying to use.

What do you think? Option 1 (minted) or Option 2 (tinyprints)? Please tell me your opinion in the comments.

Until the next mile marker,

Dog Days of Summer

It’s 98.5 degrees here today and there is no relief in site. It just keeps getting hotter. Random thought: If I had a band, I would name it 98.5 Degrees. It’s going to be a long summer. I apologize in advance to everyone who has a social media connection to me. You might get really tired of me before long.

It’s not even July and here we are, the Dog Days of Summer.
So much for running outside. Or so much for running. Actually, so much for being outside. I’m sweating inside my own home. With the AC on. And a fan. I’m blaming it on recovery.
Summer is usually my favorite season. My favorite holiday is the Fourth of July. My anniversary is July 7. Good things seem to happen to me in the summer. I’m pretty sad that I had to get sick during the summer. No pool. No camping. No running. No racing. No backpacking. No canoeing. No picnics or cookouts if it remains 100 degrees outside. At least for this summer. Maybe I’ll be able to go to the fireworks? Bummed.
Oh well, there’s still social media, right? Welcome to my Dog Days of Summer:

“Don’t be sad, Mama, there’s things to do inside!”

“Yes, Mama, you could check your email again.”

“See? We can enjoy the view and Tweet about it from right here!”
“It’s true, Mama. Tough times don’t last forever. Not even in cyberspace.”
“Tough times!? Will the excessive heat stop you from taking Instagram photos?”
“Can you stop blogging and take a nap with me now?”
“Facebook? Seriously…I’m getting tired of waiting!”
“I’m not waiting for you, Mama. How many more pictures do we need?”
“Forget my bed, I have my very own PillowPet that I stole from you!
Everybody knows I’m a criminal, don’t they?”
“Keeping up with social media is hard work. We’re so dog tired!”
How will you spend your Dog Days? I would love to hear about it!
Until the next mile marker,