Celebrate Week #12: Cap City Half Marathon Training Report

This week, CELEBRATE a Sparkly Soul!

Check out MY Sparkly Soul Headband that I won a couple of weeks ago from the lovely Elle at Eat Run Sail! I love them! Thanks, Elle and Sparkly Soul!! Have you tried Sparkly Soul Headbands? Do you like them? So far, I do because it has not slipped off my head, but it also is not so tight that it gives me a headache. Perfect.  
This training week was oh-so-not-good. I ran four miles. The whole week. Ouch. In more ways than one, actually. I set out for an eight mile training run with MIT on Saturday and made it not even one mile before my knee decided it wasn’t going to work anymore. It hurts every time I put pressure on it. It still hurts today and I am still shuffling around. I was hoping it would be better and that it just needed to rest.
I am trying really hard to be positive and think:

How was your training week? I am so proud of the Lucky 13’s who ran eight miles for the first time!! You guys are going to rock at Cap City! I can’t wait! 🙂
Until the next mile marker,