These Are a Few of My Favorite Things – That You Don’t Want to Miss!!

Time for some summertime fun – at least for me because I get to share some of my current favorite things with you! I hope you enjoy it too.

Custom made by Meadow Hill these three dimensional treasures are created from simple ink fingerprints, footprints or handprints using traditional wax casting. You can create keepsakes of the times you want to remember – the prints are ever-so touchable and are raised just slightly so you can feel the groves of the print. I had my mom’s fingerprint cast for my sister and I. It includes her birthstone, which is a lab-created Sapphire for September. You can choose from a variety of metals too or add a family heirloom jewel to the piece. Mine is sterling silver:
The back is hard to see but it is engraved with Mom 1949 – 2011:
There are a variety of styles (round, heart, oval, etc) and products (pendants, rings, bracelets, earrings, tie pins, lapel pins, key chains, etc.) and an endless possibility of creations to remember your loved one. They also do paw prints and nose prints for those furry four-legged friends you want to remember.
I chose the heart because it has long symbolized the love shared between two people. Also, Meadow Hill keeps the fingerprint in a secure electronic file indefinitely so I can create another product if I want or add to it at a later date.
Favorite Part: The connection I feel when I touch the charm. I can feel the ridges in my mom’s fingerprint and it is comforting to me to be able to do so. The piece is of high quality (I am not afraid to wear it all the time) and unique too.
Not-So-Favorite Part: The charms are rather expensive and fluctuate depending on the market price of precious metals. 
Columbia Peak Power Shell Jacket
Many thanks to Columbia Sportswear Company who sent me a free Peak Power Shell Jacket valued at $350 to try out! Columbia is conducting an exclusive field test this spring for their revolutionary ultra-breathable, waterproof technology called Omni-Dry. I get to participate – I am super-excited about that!

Omni-Dry is the science behind the Peak Power Jacket. An ultra-light laminate membrane that’s over 50-percent air makes this jacket insanely breathable and lighter than other 3-layer shells like it. With Omni-Dry, air is able to circulate through the fabric, helping to regulate the conditions in the garment and keep excess moisture from collecting inside, while still maintaining its wind blocking properties. Your sweat goes out and it blocks the rain so you stay cool, dry and comfortable during any outdoor activity:

 My husband who works for a leading outdoor retailer is [slightly] jealous that his store doesn’t even carry this good of jacket. Save your pennies people! This is the ultimate gear that keeps you dry during aerobic activity, no matter what the weather is
Other unique features include: Underarm vents that zip that open to further disperse excess heat; A lapel tab connector that lets you completely unzip your jacket and then fasten it closed at the chest for max ventilation without flaps flopping around; A sticky, silicone treatment at each shoulder that both protects against the abrasion of your pack straps and keeps them from slipping and sliding around; Laser-cut Invizzip zippers on the hand pockets are clean and discreet, and a waterproof front zipper provides added wet-stopping reinforcement; Interior security pocked; drop tail; an adjustable hood. Take a look:

 Favorite Part: I LOVE THE FEEL OF THIS JACKET! It is super-light and almost-slippery, but almost-soft too. It weighs only 7 grams per yard – even lighter than Gortex. It is so comfortable. I love the color – it is feminine yet bold. It’s a women’s cut so it curves in all the right places yet is not in the least bit bulky. I feel like I actually own a piece of outdoor gear that is better than my husband’s! 😉 Is it too much to wish for more rain just so I can wear it outside? Maybe I’ll just sleep in it and call it a night!
Not-So-Favorite Part: It is a size XL, but in my opinion, Columbia tends to run small overall. The jacket is slightly tight on me when I zip it up and would not be so comfortable for a long run right now, but would work for a hike. More incentive to lose those last few pounds sooner rather than later! Also, the zipper takes some effort to zip, but I think it is due to the waterproofing material. 
Nike Comfort Thong
The Comfort Thongs are the most comfortable flip-flops/sandals you will ever own:
 I live in flip-flops so I can be pretty particular about them. I know they are bad for your arches and these provide a little more stability to the bottom of the foot. The straps are wide, which I like because they don’t dig into my feet and don’t slide around (I don’t need to trip and break something). They also have a nice tread on the bottom to create some traction. So. Comfortable. I love them. I might sleep in them too:
Please ignore my ugly runner’s feet!
 They have a Comfort Footbed that cradles your foot as you walk. It is heavenly.
Favorite Part: It is like walking on a cushiony cloud all day long. I found them for $22 bucks! They had tons of colors, including purple.  
Not-So-Favorite-Part: Um, I can’t run in them?!
Vistaprint Premium Business Cards
How many of you use your blog as a networking tool? I do! And not I have the cards, via Vistaprint, to spread the word:
I covered my phone number
 Why not and out business/networking cards that reflects your style or industry and makes a professional impression? With Vistaprint you can choose from over 300 designs or upload your own image like I did. It is of my Lucky 13 charm I got in Pittsburgh.
Vistaprint offers TONS of free products to get you started. Check it out TODAY and take advantage of the offers, if you have not already.
Favorite Part: I am impressed my the quality of the card and the photo image. It is clear, clean, crisp and professional. The colors are true to what I picked and it is easy to read despite the image in the background (that also has text). Vistaprint offers an easy-to-use design site and while I paid for the least expensive shipping, I still got my cards within a week and a half!
Not-So-Favorite Part: I’ll be out soon and have to order more! 😉 
Thanks for reading, if you’ve made it this far! 
 Until the next mile marker,