Do You Know A WEGO Health Activist?

If you’ve been blogging or reading blogs for any amount of time, you know a great deal of them are centered around healthy living – whether it be nutrition, weight loss, a sport or activity, disease awareness or a whole host of other health-related issues. I know I often turn to blogs for the latest information, wholesome recipes and even coaching advice. And often, when I read something on a blog that is just what I am looking for, offers comfort and encouraging word in a time of need or switches on the proverbial light bulb on above my head, I want to shout it from the rooftops that everyone should go read the post. You know the feeling, right?

Well now, you can do just that!

WEGO Health is a different kind of social network built to support health bloggers, tweeters, & community leaders – Health Activists who help others. The WEGO Health Activist Awards were created to embody the mission of WEGO Health: to empower Health Activists. We connect with so many inspiring activists who raise awareness, share information, support their communities, and so much more – often without any recognition whatsoever. And, these activists continue writing, encouraging and inspiring their communities everyday and don’t expect anything in return. It is up to us to tell these leaders how great they and to celebrate the difference the make in our lives and thus, the WEGO Health Activist Awards were created.  These Awards are one of the best ways to introduce new Health Activists and have community members say “Thank You” to the leaders they already love.

I have already nominated three lovely bloggers for this award, both of whom serve as a source of regular inspiration and encouragement to me. I believe in these awards because I think it is important to recognize the people in our lives that make a difference and who might otherwise go unnoticed in the community. You don’t have to be a “big name” blogger who even post eleven times a day to be a Health Activist, you just have to be passionate about your cause and what you do in your community. These lovely ladies exemplify that mission to me:

Rebecca at Pretty Little Celiac: Not only is Rebecca my real-life friend, but an amazing Health Blogger too. Although she is not new to the health and fitness community, she is new to blogging about Celiac Disease and Awareness and since I have recently gone Gluten-free, I find her blog is not only positive and encouraging, but offers invaluable information regarding Celiac as well.

Steph at Kitchen Kilometers: Steph is forever advocating on behalf of others, especially to raise awareness about Breast Cancer. She lost her mother to breast cancer just six months ago. I’ve been there. We’ve shared many late-night conversations about life, love, loss, our mothers all while just trying to figure out, “Where do we go from here?” Stephanie regularly inspires me with her blog and her quest to find health through running, triathlons and healthy eating.

Elle at eat run sail: For just about as long as I have been blogging, Elle has been a constant source of encouragement and kindness to me. She always has a kind word to leave on my blog or in an email and has been through some of the worst times of my personal life, offering wisdom and comfort when I have needed it most. She ran her first half marathon this year and beautifully chronicled the journey of a new runner. I find encouragement and strength in her blogging about fitness, health, workouts, running and delicious recipes.

I found out about this award because I was nominated for the Unsung Hero Award: The member of your community who may not know how amazing and valuable they are. Thank you. I am honored to even receive this nomination and be a part of WEGO Health. I’m not sure that I deserve it since I don’t feel like very much of a Health Activist right now, but if I can help even one other person to change his or her life by becoming physically active, running a half marathon or avoid the pain and suffering of a DVT and pulmonary embolism, then I am doing my job. If you agree, you can endorse my nomination using the form below or the link on my sidebar:

WEGO Health may contact you via email, but I have found I actually receive very little email from them and no spam. Plus, if you are nominated or want to nominate someone, you want to be kept in the loop! You can, however, unsubscribe from the email list at any time.

The best part? It is really easy to NOMINATE a WEGO Health Activist. The awards are for anyone who focuses on health online. They can be in any health focus or condition, on any platform, in any location. If they advocate for health, they can win. You don’t have to have thousands or even hundreds of posts, followers or fans – any Health Activist is eligible to win – no matter where they are on their journey or how big their community. In fact, there are many different awards, including one specifically created to recognize a Health Activist that just got started this year.  You can nominate as many activists as you would like, including yourself so don’t be shy to share all of the great things you are doing in your community! Each winner of the WEGO Health Activist Awards will be recognized across WEGO Health social profiles and will receive special opportunities to represent WEGO Health. They will also receive promotion by WEGO Health to the Health Activist community as well as official Health Activist business cards.  Winners will serve as the representative for their award for the entirety of 2013 and will also receive special benefits as they arise. Find out all of the details, including how winners will be selected HERE.

Finally, nominate, nominate, nominate and spread the word! You can find WEGO Health on Twitter and Facebook and use some of their great sharing tools. Let’s do our part to recognize the unsung heroes in our lives who are health activists who help others.

Until the next mile marker,