The Next Mile Marker

Will I see you there?

Research has shown that, much like keeping a food journal to help with weight loss, individuals who write down their goals and dreams have a higher success rate at accomplishing them. To see them in writing and to know that you are being held accountable to them is truly empowering – even if they are simply hanging on your bathroom mirror or outlined in your journal. You plan your workout schedule, training runs, maybe even your menu from day to day. What’s stopping you for also writing down your goals?

Goal or vision boards can help you to visualize where you came from and where you want to go. A vision board can also motivate you to accomplish your dreams reach the next mile marker. Mine serves as a constant reminder to keep striving to be the best runner, athlete, Coach, daughter, wife, sister, friend, role model – person – I can be. This is my goal board; it gets me motivated and reminds me that my Mom is my inspiration to keep running!

My 2013 Goals Mile Markers…

  • Run a half marathon
  • Write & publish a book
  • Launch one of two new blogging/website projects
  • Spend more time in nature
  • Canoe the Darby Creek
  • Be Gluten-Free
  • Focus on getting/being healthy
  • Advocate!
  • Organize my life with OneNote
  • Freelance
  • Read Thoreau