The Post That Should Be Titled ‘I Will Not Get Sick!’

That’s right, folks. G-E-R-M-S. Yuck. It seems like everyone I see is sniffling, sneezing, coughing, choking, sputtering and whatever else you do when you catch a cold. I knew I was in trouble when a client hacked all over me on Monday without covering her mouth. I could feel those germs attacking my throat. First I got a headache, then I was tired and today my freakin’ throat is sore and I have a tickle in my chest. Just great.
Why do people have to be so inconsiderate and rude? Cover your mouth! Wash your hands! Stay home if you are sick! Take something! Blow your nose with a tissue! Just because you already are sick does not mean it is okay to get everyone else sick!
Ugh. I have a half marathon in four days. One that I am really looking forward to. I will not get sick. I will not get sick. I will not get sick. I CANNOT GET SICK!
Too late. I can feel it in my chest so, naturally – I panicked! And I spent $27 at CVS on cold and flu prevention meds (I’m not ready to admit I am actually sick). I would have bought $42 worth, but the pharmacist talked me down from the ledge – even though she had absolutely no idea why I would be upset about missing a half marathon.
My purchases:
What works better? Who knows! I’m popping them all like candy as we speak. If one works better than another I won’t know because I took them all at once. Don’t worry; the pharmacist seemed to think it would take more than these things to overdose on any one of the ingredients. There was no way she was talking me into one product only!
Any advice? What do you do to prevent colds or get rid of them quick? Have you ever panicked over getting sick right before a race? What ended up happening? Is four days enough time to get over this? I will walk all 13.1 miles if I have to!
Until the next miler marker, 


  1. I didn’t have any luck on prevention – stayed home from work sick yesterday – but lots of soup, green tea and a whole of lot sleep yesterday helped me feel better for today.

  2. I honestly stay away from over the counter drugs…

    When I feel a tickle in my throat I take some heavy doses of Vitamin C (I don’t believe the negative hype, I’ve done my research and chat with my doc about it regularly). I also make sure to get some Vitamin D (sunshine!) and also take raw garlic to boost my immune system.

    I get sick at the most once a year… and I can usually recover just fine!

    Hang in there and get lots of rest! Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Get as much rest as you can till the race! Gargle with hot salt water.

    Stress is not good… the pharmacist is right… come down off the ledge…

    Sending you <<< HEALTHY >>> vibes.

  4. runningperseverance says

    ahhhh! agree with Elle! definitely get some rest! i think a lot of times when i get sick its because i wear myself out and am not getting enough sleep or eating well! take care of yourself friend! sending you POSITIVE vibes!! good luck this weekend 🙂

  5. Sarahelyze says

    (I’m a relatively new follower:) )
    Agh! I’m in the same boat! I have a half in three days and am not feeling well. My throat hurts and there’s a lot of pressure in my head. Yikes! I’ve been taking emergen-c but haven’t seen much change. But, thanks to your post I realized I could suck on a cough drop to help my throat. 🙂 not sure why I didn’t think of it before?! Anyway, I’ll be cheering you on…well, that is if I’m still conscious after my half. Here’s to being WELL!


  6. Careful on how much vitamin C you take close to the race. It causes diarrhea if you take high doses.

  7. Suzanne Westenhofer says

    Feel better soon!

  8. Kimberly Turner Bouldin says

    I hope you are better soon!!! The pharmacist was clearly not a runner. 😉

    Jon came into talk to me last night and sneezed all over me (he has a cold). I could have strangled him. I banned him from being within 6 feet of me (mean mom moment).

    My dad swears by Cold Eeze.

  9. sleeeeep is the answer. also i swear by zicam, but i think cold-eeze has similar ingredients, i just like the quick melt thingies. also, sleep – early to bed and naps if you can swing them! good luck – hope you’re feeling better soon.

  10. Sara, how ARE you today? I have been thinking about you, hoping you are feelling great!

    Are you washing your hands every 10 minutes today? 🙂

  11. RunningMandy says

    Rest, rest, rest. I always liked Zicam myself. I hope you’re feeling better today!

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