“They’re gonna put me in the movies, they’re gonna make a big star out of me.”

Yesterday, I made my TV debut on NBC 4 Daytime Columbus with Gail Hogan as a guest and success story of Strong Body by Rebecca.

Me, Mom, Rebecca and Gail!
Today, I am practically famous. I was even late to work because of interstate traffic the throngs of fans lining up to get my autograph. I’m not sure if I can walk my dogs anymore. Running outdoors will be a challenge. Just think, you can say, “you knew me when.”
In case you missed it, you can watch the interview discussing how it is never too late to get fit below. I’m on the left, in dark green with my mother, Darlene in the middle, and Rebecca to her other side.
You know my story. I had my most recent medical check-up last week. Insulin, Thyroid hormone, Glucose, and A1c all normal. For over 6 months now. What does all of that mean? I am no longer at risk for developing diabetes. And reaching my weight loss goals with Rebecca’s help will merely reinforce that fact. I went from never doing anything athletic to running five half marathons and helping to coach the 13 minute-pace group with Marathoner In Training. Deciding to get healthy and fit, work out every week, and run are some of the best decisions I have ever made. 
“Sure,” you say, “But you’re 28 years old and the older you get, the fatter you get, and the harder it is to stay healthy, let alone get healthy to begin with!”     
Meet my 61 year-old mother, Darlene. She ran her first 5K last August and is currently training for her first 10K in May. Since working out with Rebecca, running, doing Zumba and Hip Hop fitness, she has completely reversed her health and lost over 20 pounds. Heart disease is prevalent on my mother’s side of the family, and she went from finding (during a routine checkup nonetheless) a 80% blockage in her coronary artery – the main supply of blood to the heart – to actually improving her cholesterol and triglyceride levels to normal. Even she made the commitment to get healthy and fit – she never needed heart surgery. She had never run in her life, before now, but had always wanted to. Crossing the finish line with her last year is a moment I will always cherish. I see a half marathon in her near future. 
Get the scoop:
If you’re local (I wish you all were!!) check out these links for great info to start changing your life and get healthy and fit today! Why are you waiting?
Strong Body by Rebecca – Individual and small group training, meal plans, Bikini Competition prep. Get healthy, fit, and strong at any age!
No Boundaries – Just like my Mom, get motivated and train for your first 5K with others just like you! The Spring session is forming right now!
Marathoner in Training – Just like me, change your life, one mile at a time.
If you’re not local, look for similar programs that may be happening in your area! And, no matter where you are, don’t forget to enter my giveaway for MY RUN movie premier tickets HERE. Why wait? The movie is playing on March 31 for one night only, and I only have a few entries so far! Spread the word about this inspirational story!
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  1. Congrats! Great segment. This is well deserved!

  2. Oh GREAT segment! You and your mom look wonderful – congrats, that’s so cool!

  3. Wow!! That’s pretty awesome! Congrats

  4. COOOOOL!!!!

  5. Totally awesome!!! Get you a HUGE pain of sunglasses for when you go running, that will help disguise you from the fans! =)

  6. Wow!! That’s pretty awesome! Congrats

  7. Oh GREAT segment! You and your mom look wonderful – congrats, that’s so cool!

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