Training Log Giveaway Winners!

THANK YOU to everyone who entered my first giveaway, making in a huge success! I appreciate all of your comments, and I am excited to know your goals for 2011 and follow your progress as we head into the New Year. Each and every one of your goals has inspired me to get out there and give it my all as I train for my first full marathon coming up in May in Pittsburgh. You guys are taking on some BIG challenges that are really motivating to read about! Thank you all for following – it means a lot to me!
Here are the winners of my 2011 Training Log Giveaway, compliments of Check out the site to order your own log if you didn’t win this time around.
Per, congratulations are in order to:
Winner #1 – Stacie at Impossible is Nothing whose goals are to set a marathon PR and finish the 24 hour run in March. Best of luck, Stacie, those are very admirable goals!
Winner #2 – The Crafty Jogger whose goal is to complete a half marathon. I can’t wait to follow your journey to the finish line! How exciting!
Winner #3 – Jen at From FAT to FINISH LINE whose goal is to increase the speed and finish a half in 2:30. Impressive goal, Jen, and I’m sure you can do it! I would love to be there myself someday. 😉
Ladies, please send your information (name and mailing address) to, and I will get your logs (one for you and a friend!) sent out this week.
A sincere thanks once again to everyone who entered and to Sport Tech Training Logs for making my first giveaway a success! Believe it or not, I was actually nervous at first that I might mess it up!  Happy Holidays to each of you!


  1. Crafty Jogger says

    Yay! I’m excited. This sounnds like the perfect thing to keep me responsible this year. Thanks!

  2. @Crafty Jogger – No problem 😉 I hope you enjoy it, and thank you again for participating in my giveaway! Merry XMAS!!!!!!!!

  3. hey I know those ladies! congratulations =)

  4. Yay! I can’t believe it, I won something 🙂 How exciting! YIPPEE! What a great thing!!

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