“Watchin’ the sun bake…” with Margaritaville Eyewear!

Several weeks ago, I was fortunate to be contacted my Margaritaville Eyewear to review a pair of sunglasses of my choosing.

I was more than excited about the opportunity, even though living in Ohio, you run the risk of seeing a lot of days that look exactly like this:
Welcome to my world – Is that a hint of blue sky?
Sometimes, there just isn’t a need for sunglasses. Still, I am most definitely always on the hunt for a good pair.
So, what makes a good (or great!) pair of sunglasses for me? It boils down to this: 
I wish I was back at Cinnamon Bay right NOW!
I want them to look cute; be affordable; stay on my face and block the sun, but not my perceptions; and I want them to stand up to a little abuse from time to time. They usually get thrown in my purse minus the case (if I bother to have one in the first place).
Margaritaville offers many stiles to choose from, but I didn’t have much trouble narrowing it down to the pair I wanted – Calypso. Check these beauties out:
One of the things I like about the style that Margaritaville shades offers is that not only can you pick your frame, but you have a wide variety of frame colors to choose from too. For example, the Calypso comes in Black, Navy Fade, Scarlett Fade, Toroise and White/Conch. Check them out here. I went with the Tortoise for the classic, simple look, although all of the colors were beautiful. And each pair of Margaritaville sunglasses are adorned with Island Style Details, such as these:
I love it! I put on and I am back on the beach “watchin’ the sun bake” in my mind. And, just in case I get a little off course, the Nautical detailing includes elements such as custom starboard (red) and port (green) screws. These get an A++ for style!
They also provide excellent functionality with MPT (Margaritaville Polarized Technology) nylon lenses, 100% UV A/B Protection, and SunGrip rubber nose pads and rubber temple tip insert. Have you ever tried Polarized lenses? Well, I had not before I received this pair of glasses and let me tell you, I did not know what I was missing! I was skeptical when I went here and tried out the interactive glasses, but when I actually received them, they really worked that way! The MPT technology is state of the art and not only works to block out damaging rays keeping your eyes safe in the harshest of conditions, but it allows you to see clearly and fight eye fatigue, blocking out 99.9% of blinding glare. The rubber inserts keep these glasses from going anywhere.
I finally got to try them out on a 10-mile bike ride with my husband this week, and they didn’t budge, even once my face got all sweaty. Plus, each pair comes with an Integrated (and detachable) Margaritaville Leash System so that I could have also secured them around my neck if the ride got rough. The polarized lenses allowed me to see clearly and vividly even in direct rays – no squinting, which almost always leads to a headache for me. They felt natural and lightweight, I honestly forgot I was wearing them in almost all of our pictures. For me, the functionality is perfect!

As far as I can tell, they are durable too. I have been wearing them around town this week and they have been tossed in my bag (minus the two very nice cases they came with) and are holding up just fine. I am, however, being really careful not to step on them or run them over or something like that. Each pair of glasses ships with a custom Margaritaville hard Case and microfiber cleaning bag – both are great for storing the glasses in. The case also has a clip so that you can conveniently clip it to your bag or your person and not risk losing them – especially if you were near the water.

In terms of price, they are slightly expensive (The Calypso retails at $159.95 regularly), however they are on sale right now for $79.95, which I think is totally worth it for a great pair of sunglasses with all of these features. Check it out for more information and to order your own pair! Shopping for the holidays? Take advantage of the current half off sale and give the gift of Margaritaville Eyewear!
Until the next mile marker, 

Please note, I was contacted by Margaritaville Eyewear to try a pair of glasses of my choice in exchange for my honest review. The opinions expressed are entirely my own and I was not compensated for my comments. Many thanks to Margaritaville Eyewear for this opportunity.


  1. RunningMandy says

    I always struggle and fight with sunglasses…maybe I need to try these!
    I can never run and wear them – fog issues. SIGH.

  2. Jennifer Roe says

    Very cute shades!!

  3. Hey, Girl, you are stylin’ !!

    These glasses look great and so nice they are good to be active in too. I am always on the lookout for great sunglasses. My eyes were light sensitive when I wore contact lenses, and now that I don’t they still seem to be light sensitive, after my surgeries.

    You look great!

  4. I love these! Love the words on the side ..so very neat.

    I may have to try a pair. Also, how come people aren’t beating down my doors trying to get me to try products?! Hahaha

  5. I love them!

    Such great style =) They may be a bit out of my price range (hey, I get my sunglasses from Ross) but I will definitely put these on my Christmas list!

  6. Woah, those are just excessively expensive. They better be made from unicorn tears and protect me from nuclear explosions at that price. I mean, awesome that you got them free, but good lord is that price point insane.

  7. Jill Fickling-Conyers says

    Love the glasses! Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂

  8. LaurieBilovesky says

    They look great on you! Awesome you got them free. I have a couple pairs of Maui Jim’s and you reminded me that I need to have the lenses fixed! Nice glasses

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