Weigh-In Wednesday: Week 15

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Weigh-In Wednesday Weekly Stats

Weight Watchers Week Number: 15

Lbs Lost this Week: – 1.6

Lbs Lost Total: – 14.4

WW Stars Earned this Week: None

Food of the Week

Cliff bar and tea

I stayed pretty consistent, although I know I overate when we returned from our backpacking trip because I felt like I could not stop eating. I was so hungry, and I am convinced I lost all of my weight simply in sweat on that trip. The above served as a nice after dinner treat on our trip and consisted of a Coconut Chocolate Chip Cliff Bar and Coconut Chocolate Truffle Hot Tea. The total was 7 WW points and much needed after the energy I exerted during the day.

Activity of the Week

Zaleski sign

Um, only the hardest activity I have ever done. It was harder than any half or full I have done and rivals the difficulty of the Goofy Challenge, but in a different way. I backpacked Zaleski State Forest with about 30 lbs on my back and covered a distance of about 8.5 miles over the course of two days. It was hard, and I even managed to fall off a cliff. More to come later this week! (No, seriously, I’m really lucky I’m okay, being on blood thinners and everything).

Personal Weight Loss Goals (crossed off when reached)

I want to lose…

10 lbs
20 lbs
30 lbs
35 lbs
40 lbs
45 lbs
50 lbs
55 lbs
60 lbs
65 lbs
70 lbs

Personal Fitness Goals (crossed off when reached)

I will…

Run a 5K  Read all about it here.
Run a Quarter Marathon (Emerald City; Dublin, Ohio; August 25, 2013)
Run a Mud/Obstacle Race (Pretty Muddy Women’s Mud Run 5K; Columbus, Ohio September 14, 2013)
Run a Half Marathon
Start Strength Training (again)
Backpack more
Start Biking


I’m satisfied with this week, even though I thought I should have lost more weight. I have missed the satisfaction that comes with completing a physical achievement I never thought I could or would – for me, that was backpacking. If I am going to continue backpacking (which I want to do), I need to get in much better shape and not only incorporate mileage into my workouts, but strength training as well. Goal set.

Until the next mile marker,


  1. Congrats on the loss! Anxious to read about your backpacking trip. Sounds amazing – glad you are okay! 🙂

  2. Sara, another great week! Good for you.

    Backpacking is so rewarding. We used to do lots of backpacking/camping in Banff, Jasper, and Yoho Canadian Nat’l Parks and also in Glacier Nat’l Park in Montana. I love the mountains.

    It is such great exercise and so fun to be OUT there.

    • Sara- Words to Run By Blog says

      Thanks, Elle. Oh my gosh! I would LOVE to visit Glacier National Park someday. I would just love to see Montana – or any of the West. I have heard it is so beautiful out there.

      I hope you and The Captain are having a great week.

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