Winter Weather Running Accessory Gift Guide

Winter Weather Running Accessory Gift Guide

Living in Central Ohio – which is not even as cold as it gets – I know a lot of people, including my own family, were surprised to hear I would be running outside in the winter. Personally, I can’t stand running on the treadmill and only did so when I was training for The Goofy to try to keep my body temperature as warm as possible for the Florida temps (which turned out to be unbearably hot that year anyway, but at least I was somewhat acclimated!). I used to get a lot of questions like, “Aren’t you afraid of falling on the ice?” “Won’t you get cold?” and “Don’t you have to wear a ton of clothes?” The answers characteristically, “I could do that anywhere (and probably will)” “Not once I get moving” and “It’s not about a lot of clothes, it’s about the right clothes.” Being winter, my Christmas list was soon full of cold-weather gear I would need to tackle the training season. I love running in winter and the gear that goes with it. Below is your Winter Weather Running Accessory Gift Guide for that special runner in your life!

balegaBalega Wool Running Socks for $12 to $14 a pair – Hands down the best winter weather running gear you can get – if your feet are warm and dry, you will be too.. I love Balega. I like the Merino Enduro Quarter or the Merino Enduro Crew for winter training because they wick moisture away from your foot and provide some warmth without being too bulky. You can find them in your local running specialty shop or at Balega online.


Ponytail Hat/Cap for $22 to $40– Perfect invention for women’s winter running! I can never wear a warm hat because I wear a ponytail or bun, which doesn’t fit well with a warm hat. Now you can have both warmth and comfort! Check different styles/brands for warmth specifications. You can start with Saucony.


Functional Gloves from $32 to $55 – Keeping your hands and fingers warm is just important as your feet! I like the gloves that offer some ability to flip back to expose the fingers (either gloves or plain-skin) to allow for easy use of a Garmin, cell phone or anything else you might need your hands for while on a run. Check out what Brooks has to offer and shop around!


Headlamp from $12 – $30 – Most unrecognized winter weather running accessory ever! Perfect for running on trails, streets or if you can’t find something in your house! I wear mine all the time, especially since it gets dark by 6:00 p.m. now. You can find them at any local sporting goods store, running store or shop online at places like REI.


Balaclava for $6 to $50 – You can get them as simple or as complex as you want! Balaclava’s keep out the cold and really help with adjusting to cold air in your lungs. I really love running with one of these. Mine goes over my head, is made of simple fleece and isn’t fancy. Mine is from Columbia, but you can find these wherever winter weather accessories such as The North Face are sold.


Arm Sleeves with Thumbholes from $24 to $36 – Perfect if you are going to be layering and are not sure what to wear for the weather! I like wearing these on warmer days, especially if I am wearing outerwear like a fleece jacket. Shop online at places like Aasics.

The Gift Card – It comes in any amount and can be from any running or sporting goods store! Don’t know what to buy? This is sure to be useful for any running looking to complete their winter weather running accessory collection!

Tell me about you. What winter weather running accessory is a must-have on your gift list?

Until the next mile marker,

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  1. Great list! I just bought a cool “ninja” shirt at the Under Armour outlet this weekend. It’s a compression style long-sleeved shirt with a neck you can pull up with breathable mesh (similar to the balaclava) and thumb holes with flip over “mittens”. I can’t wait to try it out running in the cold!

    • Sara- Words to Run By Blog says

      Courtney that sounds like THE perfect winter weather running accessory! I think I should just change this post to say “all you need to do is buy this shirt that does everything.” Thanks for telling me about it, I’m going to go look it up.

      I hope you have a wonderful holiday and check back next Monday for an awesome giveaway that is coming up. 😉

  2. I’ve been meaning to buy a headlamp forever, but just recently did. now…i need to get up early enough to use it, ha that’s what happens post marathon!

    • Sara- Words to Run By Blog says

      I hope your marathon went well, Amanda! Enjoy the headlamp. I love mine, but tend to use is more for evening runs since I am not motivated to get up and run in the morning. Ha! Merry Christmas!

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